Massage Services

“Tension is who you think you should be.  Relaxation is who you are.”

Massage Services provided by Janice Holman. LMT.  Janice is skilled in several modalities of massage including Swedish, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage.

Swedish Massage

Traditional Massage techniques relax, de-stress and energize as well as increase circulation of blood and lymph to boost the immune system.

30 / 60 Minutes

$30 / $60

Therapeutic Massage

Incorporation of various techniques for relief of pain or tension in specific areas.

30 / 60 Minutes

$35 / $70

Sports Massage

Help calm and heal chronic muscle strain and soreness.  Various massage techniques including deep tissue and stretching are implemented.

30 / 60 Minutes

$40 / $80

Deep Tissue Massage

Very deep pressure is utilized in order to reach muscle insertions and problematic areas.

30 / 60 Minutes

$50 / $100